Maroma Collection is a Georgian fashion brand. The concept is based on four principles characteristic of our country: different colors, diversity, self-expression and naturalism. Maroma Collection works on bright and colorful collections, shares the ideals of the generation and is happy to offer them beautiful ways of self-expression.

In 2021, Maroma Collection became a member of the Georgian Apparel and Fashion Association and was the first company to express its desire to join such an association in order to share its experience and skills with representatives of the field.

GAFA is the first association that united representatives of the fashion field in Georgia and helped them to position themselves in the international market. The majority of Maroma Collection’s strategic partners are from EU countries, therefore it was very important for them to join our association.

With the help of GAFA, the company gained very important contacts of potential international partners. Acquaintance with the mega representatives of the fashion sphere ensured an increase in the awareness of the Maroma Collection and the establishment of friendly relations with the organizers of the Paris, London and Tokyo Fashion Weeks and the largest showrooms.

Maroma Collection had planned to visit 4 main markets: France, England, Japan and USA. The first three of these have already been completed with the joint participation of Enterprise in Georgia, GAFA and GIZ. The company created a collection of 4 seasons and presented it in the best and most prestigious showrooms of three countries. The brand is already actively cooperating with several multi-brand stores in Paris, and negotiations are ongoing in London for the constantly selling projects of the Maroma Collection.

As for Japan, Maroma Collection presented a collection in Tokyo for the second time, which was created with Georgian cultural elements. Today, the brand has an offer from 2 of the largest companies to present their collection at an official exhibition, where they will introduce the collection to famous faces, influencers, government representatives and VIP customers. Presenting a Georgian brand at such an event is the first precedent in Japan. It should be noted that Teimuraz Lezhava, the ambassador of Georgia in Tokyo, actively supports the brand.

GAFA created an opportunity for association members to cooperate with international experts who are organizers of all meetings of the partner association or company.

Maroma Collection is expecting a lot of news from the Tokyo showroom, and hopefully very soon we will be able to sell Maroma Collection collections in large and mega shopping centers of Tokyo and introduce Georgian culture to Japanese consumers.

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